“Magyar Telekom” hearing postponed and to continue in the new year

Skopje, 27 November, 2018 - 15:02 (META) 

Today’s hearing in the “Magyar Telekom” case has been delayed due to the extensive material in the case. At today’s hearing, a witness from the defensive was scheduled to testify.

The “Magyar Telekom” case was launched in 2009 by the Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO).

The SPO has repeatedly requested to takeover the case, however the PPO will not permit it, claiming that the case does not stem from the contents of the illegal wiretapping.

The three ex-directors of Telecom in the case Attila Szendrei, Rolf Plath and Zoltan Kishjakus, are being charged for abuse of office, however they have been inaccessible to prosecuting authorities for over seven years.

The next hearing is scheduled for January 25, 2019.

Mijalkov not brought to court and hearing for “Titanic 2” case postponed

Skopje, 27 November, 2018 - 11:10 (META) 

Today’s hearing of the “Titanic 2” case where the accused are the former Director at the Administration for Security and Counter-intelligence (UBK) , Sasho Mijalkov, and the President of DPA, Menduh Tacci, was postponed.

If the hearing had taken place, it would have been Mijalkov’s first departure from the Skopje prison located in the area of Shuto Orizari, where he has been imprisoned for the last 9 days.

The reason for today’s postponement was Menduh Tacci’s request to attend the celebration of the Albanian flag in Tirana.

Apart from Mijalkov and Tacci, the following people are also accused in this case: Bedredin Ibraimi from the DPA, Elizabeta Stefanova, Vlatko Sajkovski and Sasho Srcev.

Gruevski: The court should give me an office and salary, I am there so often

Skopje, 14 February, 2018 - 14:44 (META) 

I am already coming to court so often, they should give me an office, and even a salary, said former Prime Minister and former president of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski to reporters after the end of today’s hearing on the “Trajectory” case.

He again complained of political persecution against the former leadership of VMRO-DPMNE and said that the “judiciary” had been turned into a “political guillotine”.

Speaking of all cases against him, Gruevski refered to what he had noticed from all hearings, which he says shows that political persecution is being conducted through the judiciary.

According to him, the defense and the defendants, are not receiving equal treatment from the court in relation to the SPO.

“The prosecutors are treated with respect, calm and peace, while the defense is treated angrily, and this shows which side the judiciary is on. The court does not try to hide it at all. They should at least show a little objectivity for the public”, said Gruevski.

Postponement of the “Bribe” case and the next hearing is set for the 27th of September

Skopje, 27 June, 2017 - 12:43 (META) 

Even though judge Dijana Gruevska- Ilievska has said that the conditions for starting the main discussion for the “Bribe” case are fulfilled, she still postponed the hearing until the 27th of September on request of the defense for excluding the recordings that were taped by the use of special investigative measures since they were already published on “YouTube”.

Zaev, who appeared at the court for the first time as the Prime Minister of the state, said that he and his defense were weighing whether to publish the complete video recording in order to reveal the complete content or to demand its exemption as evidence, after which they decided to use the second opportunity that the law provides.

When asked about the issue that was asked about by Prosecutor Vladimir Miloshevski, whether it is the same recording that was published on “YouTube”, Zaev said that one doesn’t have to be an expert in order to see that the recording is the same, only that the one published on “YouTube” was cut in two places in order to serve the needs of a political trial that, as was alluded by Zaev, was organized by the previous government.

Nine people convicted for the violence in the Parliament were given suspended sentences and probation

Skopje, 23 May, 2017 - 13:24 (META) 

All nine individuals that were convicted for the violence that occurred in the Parliament building on the 27th of April, at today’s hearing at the Basic Court Skopje 1 received suspended sentences after they admitted their guilt in order to receive minor sentences.

They were charged for participating in a mob that prevented an official performing his duty.

All but Dimce Hristovski – Žabata, received suspended sentences and probation of 6 months, so if they repeat the act during a period of 1 year, they will go to jail for 6 months. Hristovski received a suspended sentence of one year and a half and 5 years probation.

Hristovski has a criminal record – he was sentenced to 10 years prison after a double homicide in Prilep.

On the 27th of April a mob of citizens attending the protest organized by “For a United Macedonia” stormed the Parliament building where several MPs, journalists and citizens were injured in the violence.

Gruevski didn’t show up to the court hearing, the “Slaps” case has been postponed

Skopje, 10 March, 2017 - 12:21 (META) 

Today’s hearing from the trial for the violence that occurred in front of the municipality of Centar in June 2013, was postponed again because the former Prime Minister and current party leader of VMRo-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski and the other 13 accused in this case that was launched by SPO didn’t show up.

At the hearing, there was a minor conflict between SPO’s prosecutor, Fatime Fetai and the judge, Tatjana Mihajlova.

Fetai asked the judge to state why hasn’t she submitted the video recording from the hearing dated on the 16th of December last year, so SPO could launch a procedure against Mihajlova.

-The video recording from the hearing held on 22nd of February 2017 was delivered expressly to the Council of Public Prosecutors and on the other hand, the video recording from the previous hearing, regardless of several notifications that were sent on our part, we still haven’t received it. I’m asking you to send us the recording so we can start a procedure for your responsibility – said Fetai.

Mihajlova warned Fetai not to interfere in inserting her statement in the minutes from the hearing. Fetai, also, asked why the people that were convicted aren’t present, to which Mihajlova replied that they were notified, but she hasn’t received any notification why won’t they be present at today’s hearing.

The Special Public Prosecutor, Katica Janeva, also objected that the court can bring the convicted forcefully.

Gruevski’s attorney, Nikola Dodevski, told the media said that his clients didn’t show up because they are waiting on a decision from the Council of Public Prosecutors, and are asking that new prosecutors be appointed to the case, for which no decision has yet been made, and therefore there are no conditions for the hearing to continue.

When asked whether the trial is being postponed again, Janeva answered that at the moment they are concentrating on their cases and preparing a report for SPO that has to be presented on the 15th of March and submitted to the Parliament and the Council of Public Prosecutors.

The accused entered Kumanovo “to hold a press conference about the unimplemented Framework Agreement”

Skopje, 17 February, 2017 - 16:13 (META) 

The political problems of the Albanians and the unimplemented Ohrid Framework Agreement was the reason Kumanovo armed group arrived in Macedonia and in Divo Naselje, said Sami Ukshini, the prime suspect for the events of the 9th and 10th of May, 2015 at today’s hearing.

When the prosecution asked how the group planned to assist in the implementation of the agreement, Ukshini said he was told by the leaders of the group, Mirsad Ndrecaj and Beg Rizaj (who were killed during the events in Divo Naselje) that their intention was to invite journalists or to hold a press conference and publicly say that the Framework agreement was not realized, the situation in Macedonia will return back to the way it was in 2001.

As to why a press conference was not called Ukshini said it depended on Rizaj and Ndrecaj as organizers of the group.

When asked whether the group had support of some of the political parties in Macedonia, he said he did not know because he was not the organizer of the group.

With today’s testimony by Ukshini, the hearing began of the accused in the “Divo Naselje” case. In total, there are 37 defendants.

Zaev and his lawyers appeared at the court, the start of the hearing is expected

Skopje, 23 January, 2017 - 12:03 (META) 

SDSM’s leader, Zoran Zaev, appeared today at the Basic court – Skopje 1, where the trial or the case “Bribery” is expected to start, where he has been charged to requesting and accepting bribery from the businessmen from Strumica Ivan Nikolov- Sachavaliev.

At the court also arrived Nikolov, as well as Zaev’s attorney’s Filip Medarski, Vane Andreev and Jakim Naumov.

The start of the hearing is set for 11 o’clock and any moment both parties are expected to enter the courtroom

Zaev, according to the charges, is suspected that as an official i.e. as the mayor of Strumica has asked a bribery of 163.924 euros from businessman Ivan Nikolov i.e. 2 euros per square meter of state land in Strumica that Nikolov was interested to privatize.

Panchevski, Gruevska- Ilievska and Bashevska are Blocking SPO’s Investigations for “Target” and “Vault”

Skopje, 2 December, 2016 - 18:40 (META) 

The Criminal Council of the Basic Court Skopje I, comprised of judges Vladimir Panchevski, as a president of the court, and the judges Dijana Gruevska-Ilievska (deputy-president of the court) and Ljubinka Basheska (judge appointed in the case of “Puch”) for the second time have refused to give an order so that the Special Public Prosecution can order a research of the computer systems of one of the telecommunications operators connected to the case  “Target” as was announced today by SPO.

A Judge at a previous procedure has once declined SPO’s request for issuing a warrant, and this decision was confirmed by the council after the Special public prosecutor has submitted new search warrant.

Representatives of SPO have said that the judiciary has had the same explanation why won’t issue a search warrant i.e. why SPO’s request, apparently, is unclear and non-precise, even though as we were informed from the SPO’s cabinet, in the request it was clearly stated that “what is being investigated is computer data stored in servers, and these refer to information from which it can be determined which telephone numbers were a subjects to wiretapping.”

The Criminal Council with the same personnel has declined the SPO’s appeal as insubstantial against the decision by a judge for a previous procedure , Elena Josifovic, with which SPO’s request for confiscating the Directorate for Security and Counter-intelligence’s computers. Otherwise, Josifovic is a judge of another procedure in the case of “Trezor” where the suspects for an illegal procurement of equipment for DSC are the former chief of the secret police, Sasho Mijalkov, the former chief of his cabinet, Toni Jakimovski and Nebojsha Stajkovic, assistant minister at the Ministry of Interior.

Pavle Bogoevski’s Trial Was Postponed for the 21st of December

Skopje, 14 November, 2016 - 21:32 (META) 

Today’s hearing for the activist of “The Colorful Revolution” Pavle Bogoevski was postponed until the 21st of December because the defense attorney requested a reasonable deadline to analyze the evidence that was added to the list of evidence.

The evidence is the expertise made by the Bureau of court expertise regarding the value of the caused damage of the Ministry of culture’s façade.

Instead of Bogoevski, who is also a candidate on the SDSM’s list in the first election district, a statement was given by his colleague from the “Colorful revolution,” Demijan Hadzi-Angelkovski.

According to Hadzi-Angelkovski, who is one of the defense’s witnesses, by postponing the hearing Bogoeski’s golgotha is continuing on within “the corrupt judicial system.”

Bogoevski’s attorney, Saso Dukovski, said that they received the expertise report today even though it was done on the 10th of May, and the charge does not state the height of the damage.

-In contrast to the previous hearing when a representative of the Ministry of Culture was sought after, today we received a written notification about the expertise report on the alleged damage that I can comment about because we have to analyze it and to make a stand. We need to see if it is relevant whether it was prepared and ordered by a competent authority. For that, we will need more time. Regarding the damage, I wouldn’t want to give a comment. I saw some zeros regarding many different items, but we will have to see what its all about. It is not the court’s fault for the postponement because even the court received the results of the expertise today – said Dukovski.

Before the start of the trial, in front of the Criminal court, a group of people gathered to give support for the activist Bogoevski.