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Right of use

The users of the contents of meta.mk have the right to inspect and request correction of the published contents which they consider to be incorrect. Users of the contents of meta.mk have the right to republish the contents in whole or in part under the condition that they indicate the source according to the “Creative Commons” license.

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Accuracy of contents

The agency is not responsible for possible direct or indirect consequences of the use of the contents of meta.mk.

Protection of copyright and related rights

The website meta.mk, its contents, graphic and technical solutions are protected by publishing and copyright through “Creative Commons” license. Part of the content on meta.mk represents information that is intellectual property of its business partners.

Protection of privacy and confidentiality of data

Meta.mk respects the privacy of its visitors. Visitors’ data are not available to third parties, except in cases for which it is legally prescribed otherwise.

Links to other websites

Some of the links on the page meta.mk lead to websites and services of other sources of information. “Meta.mk” is in no way responsible for the contents of those pages and services.

Corrections and clarifications

All requests for corrections and clarifications can be sent within 30 days from the day of publication of the material for which correction is requested by sending a message to [email protected]. Comments can be submitted here to correct any inaccuracies, errors, inaccuracies or ambiguities that are considered to need to be corrected. The responsible persons in each of the editions will consider the comments and within 2 days will send an appropriate response. Information about any corrections or additions made based on a request from an audience member will be clearly indicated at the beginning of the article to which it relates. Persons who are personally affected and wish to receive a direct response to their email address are requested to indicate this in the message requesting correction or clarification.

Note: This corrections and clarifications guide is based on the Metamorphosis Foundation’s Corrections and Clarifications Policy document and applies to all of its publications (such as the Meta News Agency). The articles of the RSM Constitution and the laws on which this document was created can be found here (Annex 1).