The Criminal Council of the Basic Court Skopje I, comprised of judges Vladimir Panchevski, as a president of the court, and the judges Dijana Gruevska-Ilievska (deputy-president of the court) and Ljubinka Basheska (judge appointed in the case of “Puch”) for the second time have refused to give an order so that the Special Public Prosecution can order a research of the computer systems of one of the telecommunications operators connected to the case  “Target” as was announced today by SPO.

A Judge at a previous procedure has once declined SPO’s request for issuing a warrant, and this decision was confirmed by the council after the Special public prosecutor has submitted new search warrant.

Representatives of SPO have said that the judiciary has had the same explanation why won’t issue a search warrant i.e. why SPO’s request, apparently, is unclear and non-precise, even though as we were informed from the SPO’s cabinet, in the request it was clearly stated that “what is being investigated is computer data stored in servers, and these refer to information from which it can be determined which telephone numbers were a subjects to wiretapping.”

The Criminal Council with the same personnel has declined the SPO’s appeal as insubstantial against the decision by a judge for a previous procedure , Elena Josifovic, with which SPO’s request for confiscating the Directorate for Security and Counter-intelligence’s computers. Otherwise, Josifovic is a judge of another procedure in the case of “Trezor” where the suspects for an illegal procurement of equipment for DSC are the former chief of the secret police, Sasho Mijalkov, the former chief of his cabinet, Toni Jakimovski and Nebojsha Stajkovic, assistant minister at the Ministry of Interior.