Today’s hearing from the trial for the violence that occurred in front of the municipality of Centar in June 2013, was postponed again because the former Prime Minister and current party leader of VMRo-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski and the other 13 accused in this case that was launched by SPO didn’t show up.

At the hearing, there was a minor conflict between SPO’s prosecutor, Fatime Fetai and the judge, Tatjana Mihajlova.

Fetai asked the judge to state why hasn’t she submitted the video recording from the hearing dated on the 16th of December last year, so SPO could launch a procedure against Mihajlova.

-The video recording from the hearing held on 22nd of February 2017 was delivered expressly to the Council of Public Prosecutors and on the other hand, the video recording from the previous hearing, regardless of several notifications that were sent on our part, we still haven’t received it. I’m asking you to send us the recording so we can start a procedure for your responsibility – said Fetai.

Mihajlova warned Fetai not to interfere in inserting her statement in the minutes from the hearing. Fetai, also, asked why the people that were convicted aren’t present, to which Mihajlova replied that they were notified, but she hasn’t received any notification why won’t they be present at today’s hearing.

The Special Public Prosecutor, Katica Janeva, also objected that the court can bring the convicted forcefully.

Gruevski’s attorney, Nikola Dodevski, told the media said that his clients didn’t show up because they are waiting on a decision from the Council of Public Prosecutors, and are asking that new prosecutors be appointed to the case, for which no decision has yet been made, and therefore there are no conditions for the hearing to continue.

When asked whether the trial is being postponed again, Janeva answered that at the moment they are concentrating on their cases and preparing a report for SPO that has to be presented on the 15th of March and submitted to the Parliament and the Council of Public Prosecutors.