Today’s hearing of the “Titanic 2” case where the accused are the former Director at the Administration for Security and Counter-intelligence (UBK) , Sasho Mijalkov, and the President of DPA, Menduh Tacci, was postponed.

If the hearing had taken place, it would have been Mijalkov’s first departure from the Skopje prison located in the area of Shuto Orizari, where he has been imprisoned for the last 9 days.

The reason for today’s postponement was Menduh Tacci’s request to attend the celebration of the Albanian flag in Tirana.

Apart from Mijalkov and Tacci, the following people are also accused in this case: Bedredin Ibraimi from the DPA, Elizabeta Stefanova, Vlatko Sajkovski and Sasho Srcev.