The accused entered Kumanovo “to hold a press conference about the unimplemented Framework Agreement”


The political problems of the Albanians and the unimplemented Ohrid Framework Agreement was the reason Kumanovo armed group arrived in Macedonia and in Divo Naselje, said Sami Ukshini, the prime suspect for the events of the 9th and 10th of May, 2015 at today’s hearing.

When the prosecution asked how the group planned to assist in the implementation of the agreement, Ukshini said he was told by the leaders of the group, Mirsad Ndrecaj and Beg Rizaj (who were killed during the events in Divo Naselje) that their intention was to invite journalists or to hold a press conference and publicly say that the Framework agreement was not realized, the situation in Macedonia will return back to the way it was in 2001.

As to why a press conference was not called Ukshini said it depended on Rizaj and Ndrecaj as organizers of the group.

When asked whether the group had support of some of the political parties in Macedonia, he said he did not know because he was not the organizer of the group.

With today’s testimony by Ukshini, the hearing began of the accused in the “Divo Naselje” case. In total, there are 37 defendants.

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