SPO Will Not Request The Exclusion Of The “Swarovski-Judges”, For Now

The Special Public Prosecutor’s Office for now, will not request the exclusion of Judge Lidija Petrovska, said prosecutor Lence Ristovska to “Meta”.

“At the moment, we will not take any action, we’ll wait for the trial to begin so everything will be official, and then we’ll decide what to do”, said Ristovska.

Lidija Petrovska was mentioned in one of the “bombs”, which was released last year by the SDSM, in a conversation between Judge Sophia Lalichik and former director of UBK Sasho Mijalkov, where they can be heard saying that Petrovska got her job by purchasing gifts from the brand “Swarovski” for the President of the Supreme Court, Lidija Nedelkova.

Otherwise, Public Prosecutors are entitled to the submit a request to the President of the Basic Court Skopje 1 that the Judge be excluded, but it has to be submitted in a writtennexplanation. The decision should be made by the President of the Basic Court Skopje 1.

As for both of the indcitments the SPO submit to the court last week, certain dates for trial or for the main hearing have still not been scheduled, as there is no deadline, but they are waiting for a free date. Both charges were filed in summary proceedings because of the SPO have enough evidence to prepare indictments and proposals and submit them to the Criminal Court.

The first case concerns the destruction of documents to conceal the illegal wiretapping, and the second case concerns the violence outside the Municipality of the Centrw which occurred in june, 2013. In the first case seven employees of the SIA, are accused of the criminal act of falsifying an official document, and in the second case 14 individuals are suspected of crimes of violence.

Unofficially, it is said that Judge Tatjana Mihajlovska will work the case regarding the violence outside the Municipality of the Centre ( “Slaps for Zernovski”) and Petrovska will reside over the case regarding the destruction of documents related to the wiretapping equipment.

The allocation of the cases was conducted in accordance with the electronic system of distribution.