SDSM’s leader, Zoran Zaev, appeared today at the Basic court – Skopje 1, where the trial or the case “Bribery” is expected to start, where he has been charged to requesting and accepting bribery from the businessmen from Strumica Ivan Nikolov- Sachavaliev.

At the court also arrived Nikolov, as well as Zaev’s attorney’s Filip Medarski, Vane Andreev and Jakim Naumov.

The start of the hearing is set for 11 o’clock and any moment both parties are expected to enter the courtroom

Zaev, according to the charges, is suspected that as an official i.e. as the mayor of Strumica has asked a bribery of 163.924 euros from businessman Ivan Nikolov i.e. 2 euros per square meter of state land in Strumica that Nikolov was interested to privatize.