All nine individuals that were convicted for the violence that occurred in the Parliament building on the 27th of April, at today’s hearing at the Basic Court Skopje 1 received suspended sentences after they admitted their guilt in order to receive minor sentences.

They were charged for participating in a mob that prevented an official performing his duty.

All but Dimce Hristovski – Žabata, received suspended sentences and probation of 6 months, so if they repeat the act during a period of 1 year, they will go to jail for 6 months. Hristovski received a suspended sentence of one year and a half and 5 years probation.

Hristovski has a criminal record – he was sentenced to 10 years prison after a double homicide in Prilep.

On the 27th of April a mob of citizens attending the protest organized by “For a United Macedonia” stormed the Parliament building where several MPs, journalists and citizens were injured in the violence.