Pavle Bogoevski’s Trial Was Postponed for the 21st of December


Today’s hearing for the activist of “The Colorful Revolution” Pavle Bogoevski was postponed until the 21st of December because the defense attorney requested a reasonable deadline to analyze the evidence that was added to the list of evidence.

The evidence is the expertise made by the Bureau of court expertise regarding the value of the caused damage of the Ministry of culture’s façade.

Instead of Bogoevski, who is also a candidate on the SDSM’s list in the first election district, a statement was given by his colleague from the “Colorful revolution,” Demijan Hadzi-Angelkovski.

According to Hadzi-Angelkovski, who is one of the defense’s witnesses, by postponing the hearing Bogoeski’s golgotha is continuing on within “the corrupt judicial system.”

Bogoevski’s attorney, Saso Dukovski, said that they received the expertise report today even though it was done on the 10th of May, and the charge does not state the height of the damage.

-In contrast to the previous hearing when a representative of the Ministry of Culture was sought after, today we received a written notification about the expertise report on the alleged damage that I can comment about because we have to analyze it and to make a stand. We need to see if it is relevant whether it was prepared and ordered by a competent authority. For that, we will need more time. Regarding the damage, I wouldn’t want to give a comment. I saw some zeros regarding many different items, but we will have to see what its all about. It is not the court’s fault for the postponement because even the court received the results of the expertise today – said Dukovski.

Before the start of the trial, in front of the Criminal court, a group of people gathered to give support for the activist Bogoevski.


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