Mijalkov arrives for hearing at the Criminal Court

The former Director of the Administration of Security and Counterintelligence and a current member of the executive committee of the VMRO-DPMNE, Saso Mijalkov, arrived at the Criminal Court Skopje, exactly at noon today. According to reports, he is expected to give evidence in the “Vault” case, which is being prosecuted by the SPO, however, Mijalkov is also one of the suspects in the case.

Miljakov entered the courthouse through the east entrance, accompanied by two individuals.

Apart from Mijalkov, today, others will take the stand such as Toni Jakimovski, the former head of Mijalkov’s office, and Nebojsha Stankovik, the former assistant minister in the MOI.

Fifthteen minutes before Mijalkov arrived at the court, members of various special police units blocked the streets near the entrance of the court, to provide security for the “Divo Naselje” court hearing, they also blocked the secondary entrance to the court and did not allow news teams and reporters to even wait at the door, as was the case previously .

The Special Public Prosecution are requesting that the court determine precautionary measures for Mijalkov and the two other suspects in the “Vault” case.

Although the investigative procedure for the “Vault” case was opened in late September, the three suspects will be heard by a judge for the first time today because the SPO had previously demanded the recusal of the judge in charge of the case, due to concerns that the judge would not act impartially because of her husband’s brother business relations with the company “Finzi,” which plays a large role in the “Vault” case.

According to the SPO, the suspects used the company “Finzi,” which at the time was managed by the late Kosta Krpač, to procure equipment for the UBK and embezzled €860,000 from the state budget.