Sasho Mijalkov sentenced to 8 years in prison in “Trezor” case


The Basic Criminal Court in Skopje, North Macedonia, found guilty the former UBK (Home security and counter-intelligence agency) director Sasho Mijalkov in the “Trezor” (Vault) case and sentenced him to 8 years in prison.

The others who were also accused in this case were also found guilty. Former Head of Mijalkov’s office, Toni Jakimovski, was sentenced to 5 years for assisting, the former Deputy Minister of MOI, Nebojsha Stajkovik, was sentenced to 5 years in prison, and the former head of the Fifth Directorate at MOI, Goran Grujevski, who is a runaway, was sentenced to 15 years.

Apart from this, the Court, requested that all of the accused compensate the damage to the state budget in the amount of MKD48 million, €780,000.

The public prosecution requested detention for Sasho Mijalkov and Nebojsha Stajkovik, with explanation that Mijalkov’s property allows him to get away in Prague, where he has a residence. Mijalkov’s defense requested from the court not to extend the detention, because he is already serving his sentence for the “Target-Fortress” case and again it stated that the charges, in this case, were based on assumptions and contained no evidence.

The Vault case refers to the abuse of assets from the budget for acquisition of electronic communication equipment for the needs of the Fifth Directorate at UBK, and training for its use from a company from the UK.

The primе accused are Sasho Mijalkov, Nebojsha Stajkovik, Goran Grujevski, who are charged with abuse of office, and Toni Jakimovski for assisting. After today’s verdict, they have the right of appeal at the Appellate Court.

Today, with the closing speech, the prosecution stressed that instead of MOI making a direct acquisition of electronic-communication equipment for the needs of the UBK’s Fifth Directorate from GAMMA company from the UK, the accused have personally conducted the purchase at a meeting in London with the GAMMA’s representatives. The acquisition was conducted through a company mediator from Skopje – Finzi DOOEL Skopje and this was an abuse of budgetary assets.

Vladislav Stajkovik, the brother of Nebojsha Stajkovik, was registered as the owner of Finzi DOOEL and as the final owner, the name of Jordan Kamchev appeared, which was mentioned during today’s reading of the verdict.

The Vault case is led by Judge Džaneta Begtovik, and the representative of the charges is the Basic Public Prosecution for Organized Crime, which took over the case from the former Special Public Prosecution.

Previously, Sasho Mijalkov was sentenced to 12 years for the Target-Fortress case about the illegal wiretapping of 20,000 citizens in the period between 2008-2015 during the rule of VMRO-DPMNE.

Several days before the verdict, Mijalkov was temporarily unavailable for the prosecuting authorities, and after international and national warrants were issued, he appeared in front of the court claiming he was in isolation due to COVID-19 symptoms.

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