The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecuting Organised Crime and Corruption (OJO-GOKK) of North Macedonia started an investigation yesterday about the tender for MOI’s software for traffic violations, and the police on prosecutor order have detained the former Prime Minister Office’s Secretary and former Secretary of the Government of North Macedonia, Dragi Rashkovski and the owner and manager of Invoka Group company that won the questionable tender, Daniel Stanchev.

According to what was able to find out from MOI, Rashkovski and Stanchev were detained this morning. The Prosecution started the investigation yesterday and requested detention for both, and for the remaining two that were also included in the investigation a house arrest was demanded and confiscation of the passport and the ID card.

As OJO-GOKK announced, on the 18th of March a preliminary investigation procedure about the MOI’s software case was started and it was concluded that there is enough basis for an investigation to start. Rashkovski is suspected of rigging the tender.