“Because I expected a transparent and honest investigation from the MOI, I have now decided to make a public statement about this case, which I believe to be a set-up organized by the opposition. The report over the incident from the Ministry looks more like a party statement than a police report. SDSM have abused the MOI to create a scenario of a criminal police set-up to harm my reputation and my honour, and discredit me”, said Spasov in an exclusive interview with “Nova TV”. He added he felt very unsettled after witnessing a set-up against him.

According to his statements in the interview, Dime Spasov’s turbulent night began around 23:00pm. He claimed he left the “Filip II” Stadium towards Ilindenska Street, then turned left at the zoo and waited duly for the traffic light to turn green. While waiting at the traffic lights, Spasov claims an unknown people approached his vehicle and attempted to open the door of the Touareg, a company car, and threatened the additional Deputy Minister’s life.

Spasov goes on to say because he felt threatened, he continued to drive, went through traffic lights and stopped at the “Treska” factory. When he started his car back up, Spasov noticed that the person who attempted to open his car door was following him. The unknown person also stopped at the “Treska” factory, but, according to his statements, this time two people approached his vehicle and threatened his life again and tried to open the doors of the “Touareg”.

“Because I felt in danger, I decided to drive to escape them, so I turned left on Theodosius Gologanov Boulevard. At “Vero 2” because I got into a very narrow street, my vehicle came into contact with another vehicle before leaving. I apologized to the lady who was driving the vehicle and promised to compensate her for the damage”. Spasov said in the interview.

Because Spasov was being pursued, he said that he stopped at the Cadastre Agency, and then the two other vehicles parked there. One reportedly was driven by those who followed him, and from the other vehicle two armed men got out. As he explained in the interview Spasov said he was pushed onto the “Touareg” and the unknown assailants had guns pointed at him.

“I tried to talk to the people, but then a police vehicle came. The attackers retreated, but more people came, most of them were not in uniform and some of them threatened me. Since I knew then it was a setup, I left the scene”, concluded Dime Spasov.