The court hearing for the activist from the “Colourful Revolution” Pavle Bogoevski has been postponed to November 14 because the Prosecution’s proposal lacked the amount of material damage caused to the Ministry of Culture.

“The Prosecution’s proposal was not only politically motivated, it was a call for the persecution of all the people protesting, but it was disastrously ill-prepared and legally unsustainable. The prosecution had the nerve to start proceedings without previously calculating the damage. Today, their idea was to offer a representative from the Ministry of Culture, who should state the alleged damages. Meanwhile, the prosecution continues to ignore the real crime in the country”, said activist Bogoevski.

He added that he pleaded innocent at the hearing, and was part of a group Zvrlevski called a mob, but does not acknowledge any guilt.

Bogoevski’s lawyer, Saso Dukoski said that the defense of this case so far has prepared three witnesses who will help determine the true factual situation, as for today’s hearing, it was postponed so the prosecution could calculate the damage caused to the Ministry of Culture.  

The activist of the “Colourful Revolution” said the organization will continue to provide support to the Special Prosecutor’s Office, and yesterday’s failure to amend laws which the SPO have requested is direct form of violation of their authority.

During the Bogoevski’s hearing, many people gathered outside Basic Court Skopje 1 in support for Bogoevski.