Figurine of Putin riding a bear on sale

In the area of Izmailovo in Moscow appeared a plastic toy, i.e. a figurine of Russian President Vladimir Putin riding a bear. Plastic Putin can...

Dani sends all her love with the new song “Shine”

“Happy New Year, shine and be your own, let this song be on repeat” is the message that Dani sends with her new song.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4NUAyaErWc

(VIDEO) Levitating or walking on frozen lake

  Mountaineer Thomas Nunuk and his friend made a fantastic video, showing what it’s like walking on a frozen crystal clear lake. The footage, which for...

Marko cleaned the air in Skopje with a fan!

TV presenter Marko Novevski cleaned the air in downtown Skopje using a fan. According to Marko it is not part of a new TV...

(VIDEO) Karolina has а new song “Begaj, begaj”

  Macedonian music star Karolina Gocheva presented her new song “Begaj, begaj”. The composer is Kokan Dimushevski, and the lyrics are by Vesna Malinova. Nikola...