Skopje Zoo’s chimpanzee Coco celebrated its 26th birthday with tasty cake


The attractive inhabitant of the Zoological Garden in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, Coco the chimp, turned 26 yesterday.

The caretakers at the Skopje Zoo prepared a delicious surprise for Coco on his birthday.

“It celebrated its birthday with its caretaker Biljana, with whom it shares the same  birthday date. Apart from the birthday boy, the other chimpanzee also received gifts and cakes made of rice, nuts, and fruits” informed the Skopje Zoo.

“Happy 26th birthday Coco. You will be loved by all of us ,especially the team that is taking care of you”, this is what Tina Mickovska, the Zoo Skopje’s Deputy Director wished the most famous chimpanzee in the Skopje Zoo..

Coco the chimp returned to Skopje Zoo in July, 2019 after 10 years spent in Netherlands in a re-socialization treatment. Three more chimpanzees – Mimi, Rosi and Hyasl arrived with him.

On the 1st of January next year, the Zoo in Skopje will celebrate another birthday. Can you guess who will be celebrating?

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