Try out Star Citizen for free through the new Free Fly events


Star Citizen is more of a space travel simulation than an ordinary game. The impressive graphics it has surpasses all other games about space. The developer Cloud Imperium Games has been working on the game for years and they recently published two videos about the development of the game and an offer for trying out the game for free during their current alpha testing through events called Free Fly. The first event this year starts on 18th of August.

An interesting parallel is that the term Star Citizen is very similar to the term of the astronomer Carl Sagan in the Cosmos serial where he calls himself a Citizen of the Cosmos.

The only unavoidable problem of the game is that it requires a really expensive computer and unfortunately isn’t supported by GeForce Now(GFN).

Here is what the game looks like now according to the newest video: 

Likewise an important part of the game will be the interaction with other players that often comes trough PvP (Player vs Player). In this game you can get out of your spacecraft and play with guns and rocket launchers-that part of the game reminds of the newest Doom games. But the PvP most often is with the flying of the spaceships in space and it is set in a way not to have impact on the games economy, emphasizing the competitive side of the game. 

Star Citizen has over 3,2 million registered players, but that includes the players that are not paying but only play the Free Fly events. To participate in the events all you have to do is register on the main website

There is also a longer video published about what game development looks like inside the firm and how is it all organized, which is useful for young people that are interested in making games, or working for a company that would make games:


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