Former EU Ambassador to Macedonia, Erwan Fouéré joined protesters today as they traditionally began their protest march from outside the Special Prosecutor’s Office in Skopje.

“I respect these people who protest with dignity against the violation of the rule of law, and against violations of human rights which take place in the country”, said the former EU Ambassador.

Fouéré said President Ivanov should revoke his pardons, so the SPO can do their job, the reason it was formed, and that is to pursue and investigate offences in corruption and electoral crimes.

According to Fouéré, in the current situation, it is impossible to hold elections, because first, you need to implement the necessary reforms, among which is regulation of the media.

At the very same moment, while Erwan Fouéré was giving his statement outside the SPO, Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva turned up and received a loud welcome from the gathered citizens.