“Colourful Revolution” speaks: In these conditions, there will be no elections


The ‘Colourful Revolution’ tonight splashed paint and coloured the ” Nova Makedonija “ building, where the State Election Commission (SEC) are located. They said that in such conditions, with this electoral roll, the election can not and will not take place.

Before they started painting, demonstrators put on raincoats and lit signaling torches to protect the painters from police cameras, who this time were on the first and the second floor but they took the protesters down.

Beforehand, the crowd offered raincoats to the members of the police cordon, but they refused. In the background while they painted, on speakers selections of the “Bombs” were playing loudly, in particular, those conversations linked to electoral fraud.

The protest sent out the message and made sure they could be heard loudly and clearly by the SEC, that in such conditions as these, elections cannot be held.

“This country happens to be located on the globe and we can not go to the elections with such a list. More than 300,000 people were identified as questionable voters. Of the 300,000, only 80,000 were checked and more than half of them could not be found at home”, say protesters and asked how voters from Pustec received ID cards and how many.

Traditionally the protest begins in front of the SPO, but the protesters were joined by former EU Ambassador Erwan Fouéré , who also said that there are no conditions for holding elections. From the SPP, demonstrators marched towards Parliament but stopped at the SEC offices to get their message out.
Protests were held today in Kumanovo, Stip, Prilep and Kriva Palanka.

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