The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Kicevo will be investigating the “bombs” of El Cheka


The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Оffice Skopje informs that it handed over to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office Kichevo the criminal charges filed by the Ministry of Interior against the so-called “El Cheka” from Chicago, who for more than a week has been sharing “bombs”, i.e., wiretapped conversations of persons mainly from BDI.

These talks include talks between officials of BDI who are talking among themselves, however there are also conversations with some of the MPs of VMRO-DPMNE who were in government then.

“The content of the indictement refers to a person whose home address is in Kicevo village Turin but is conducting criminal offences from Chicago, USA. Through his Facebook profile El Cheka without authorisation is publishing wiretapping materials. After studying the allegations in the criminal charges, it was concluded that this was in the competence of the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office Kicevo, therefore the application is forwarded to this prosecution, announced “the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office says that at their own initiative, “having in mind the urgency for the protection of the rights of the injured party”, at the end of last month, they filed a request for international legal help for attaining necessary information about the profile on the social network.

“Additionally, the Prosecutor’s Office requested the authorized organs in the USA to take legal measures in order to stop further publication of the recorded material”, says the statement.

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