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Police denies that El Cheka’s brother is under custody

In a statement for “Portalb.mk”, the Ministry of Internal Affairs dismissed the claims coming from the media that the brother of “El Cheka”, Blerim Ahmeti was detained today. - He was not detained; he came to the police to report the protest that will be held on Sunday – said the spokesman of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Toni Angelovski. A few...

The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Kicevo will be investigating the “bombs” of El Cheka

The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Оffice Skopje informs that it handed over to the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office Kichevo the criminal charges filed by the Ministry of Interior against the so-called "El Cheka" from Chicago, who for more than a week has been sharing "bombs", i.e., wiretapped conversations of persons mainly from BDI. These talks include talks between officials of BDI...