No evidence supporting the claim that Zelenskyy bought a mansion from British King Charles III for 20 million dollars

EUvsDisinfo states that “no credible medium reported this unfounded claim, which was solely circulated by pro-Kremlin and social media accounts”


EUvsDisinfo states that “no credible medium reported this unfounded claim, which was solely circulated by pro-Kremlin and social media accounts”. The only source for this disinformation narrative is, allegedly, a British media outlet, created a few days before the story was published, called London Crier, which was evaluated by members of the BBC Verify team — the verification team of the public British Broadcasting Company — as a ”Russian disinformation website using artificial intelligence to publish entirely false and fabricated stories about Ukraine”, writes Truthmeter.mk

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We are fact-checking a post on Facebook claiming that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy purchased a luxurious house (mansion) from the British King Charles III for 20 million Dollars. 

“If what the British medium reported is true, then one could truly live luxuriously from comedy. They say he bought it for ”better times”, if he survives, of course. In my opinion, if the Russians don’t kill him, then his masters (cia, mi-6,…) will. Oh yes, official Ukraine denies it as usual and blames Russia for it, and as soon as someone mentions Russia in the West or in Northistan, the red light goes on and complaints, attacks, post deletions, threats, bans, CENSORESHIPS etc. start” states the post. 

The post shares a photograph of an article from an alleged British newspaper London Crier, which conveys information about the new house Zelenskyy purchased 

British newspaper “The London Crier” reports that the Highgrove House mansion, which Prince Charles used as a country residence from 1980, after 44 years in the ownership of the Crown, was sold to the President of Ukraine, along with the surrounding park. Grant Harrold, former butler to the King, claimed that, according to his data, the sale transaction was completed on 29 February 2024, during the visit of Zelenskyy’s wife to the United Kingdom. The sales of Highgrove House were also confirmed by the maintenance staff of the former royal residence. Most of them were fired on 21 March 2024, reported EUvsDisinfo. 

No evidence is provided to back the claim, which is demonstrably false, as stated by the fact-checkers at EUvsDisinfo. There is no record of Grant Harrold, supposedly to have been a butler to King Charles for many years, or any other member of the King’s service or entourage having talked about this topic. 

No serious outlet has reported on this baseless allegation, which has been spread exclusively by pro-Kremlin outlets and social media accounts, added EUvsDisinfo in its fact-check.

The only source for this disinformation story is a supposedly British outlet, created a few days before its publication called the London Crier, which has been denounced by members of BBC Verifythe verification team of the British Public Broadcasting Company – as “a Russian disinformation website that uses artificial intelligence to publish totally fake and fabricated stories about Ukraine”. Ukraine’s Center for Countering Disinformation also identified the whole story as bogus. 

This story appears to be part of a wide-scale pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign aiming to portray the Ukrainian leadership as corrupt, with the ultimate goal of eroding international support for Kyiv’s defense against Russia’s aggression. This campaign has frequently resorted to invented stories and forged accusations against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, his family, and close associates. 

Truthmeter has already covered the disinformation that Zelenskyy bought two yachts worth 75 million Dollars. 

Based on all the above-noted facts, we assess the post as untrue. 


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