It will take a whole year for the mistakes in the project behind the highway between Kichevo and Ohrid to be undone


It will take a year for the determined flaws in the project behind the highway between Kichevo and Ohrid to be undone. The Public enterprise for State Roads has published the tender for the completion of the project’s documentation for the road long 57 km and for which the state will pay 598 million euros.

As the tender documentation reveals in the Electronic system for procurement, the future designer will have to prepare and complete the basic projects and the projects concerning infrastructure for all 5 part of the highway. T

Based on previous experiences with the problems that appeared in the initial project, the Public Enterprise has introduced two new criteria in the new tender for the selection of the best offeror. APart from the lowest expenses, the quality of the offerers will also be valued through analyzing all previously accomplished services on their part for projecting and auditing in the past 3 years. The future designer will have to complete the current documentation for the highway between Kichevo and Ohrid until the summer od 2020.

The Chinese company “Sinohidro” has a deadline until the 30th of June 2021 to finish the building of this highway. The initial deadline for his building has been prolonged to three and a half years and together with it, the value of the highway has been assessed to 411 million euros. The new government firstly discovered all of the irregularities and mistakes during the building of the highway and it inserted two new annexes to the agreement for its completion.

Кинеската компанија „Синохидро“ пак има рок до 30 јуни 2021 година за да ја заврши во целост изградбата на овој автопат. Првичниот рок за негова изведба е продолжен за три и пол години, а заедно со него и вредноста на автопатот проценета на 411 милиони евра. Новата влада најпрво ги откри сите неправилности и грешки при изградбата на автопатот Кичево – Охрид, по што склучи и два нови анекса на договорот за неговото целосно завршување.

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