Ahmeti: Brussels to assign a political and expert team to the country


Today at the Embassy of Germany in Skopje, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti met with the delegation of the Parliamentary Group for Cooperation in Southeast Europe at the Bundestag led by MP Peter Weiss and with Ambassador Christine Althauzer.

At the meeting, Ahmeti also noted that “the place of SDSM is in the Assembly, where they find a partner in DUI” and that after the publication of the case “Puch”, Brussels should assign a strong political and expert team in the country as soon as possible.

As statement of the party reads, the German MPs were interested in the implementation of the Ohrid Agreement, inter-ethnic relations, the name dispute, political dialogue, as well as the tapping scandal.

DUI leader requested commitments from Germany for a joint meeting of the Macedonian and Greek Prime Minister to overcome the name issue.

– Ahmeti said that Macedonia still has a lot of work in terms of the rule of law, fight against corruption, freedom of the media, etc., but even if it meets all of these conditions, without resolving the dispute with Greece, it will not be able to join NATO or to start negotiations with the EU. Therefore, the role of Germany, started with a conference in Berlin last year, should be crucial for a mutual meeting of Prime Minister Gruevski and Tsipras to resolve this issue as soon as possible, reads the statement.

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