Zaev commends DUI’s virtue, Ahmeti commends Zaev’s courage


During today’s press conference led by the presidents of two of the parties in the newly formed government coalition, SDSM and DUI, Zoran Zaev and Ali Ahmeti, didn’t hesitate to say nice things about each other, even though during the election campaign it seemed like they were opponents.

“DUI showed greatness and virtue about the future of all citizens and the state. With this virtue it was determined that I should have the honor to be the president of the government with a full four-year mandate” said Zoran Zaev.

According to him, part of the agreement includes the abolishment of the technical “Pržino” government for which VMRO-DPMNE gave its support.

“Due to DUI’s greatness, I showed a virtue by allowing DUI to propose a prime minister to take over the government 100 days before the elections,” said Zaev.

He announced that this agreement will be discussed in front of the SDSM and DUI’s highest party bodies today and tomorrow, and SDSM will do the same with its coalition partners and DPA.

“I am proud of this agreement, which was reached before the 20-day deadline expired. On this occasion, I will present a part of the principles from the agreement about the government that will be led by me. There will be quality, responsible, and accountable personnel for all departments from both sides that will fully implement the program commitments of the coalition agreement. Also, there will be no ministers without portfolio apart from deputy prime minister positions in order to strengthen the economic standard and to attract foreign investments,” said Zaev.

When asked why he deferred from the idea of a prime minister of Albanian nationality, Ahmeti replied that the idea was to bring the citizens together and not to divide them.

“The idea behind it to bring people together and to send a message of taking responsibility for a common country. And I have to commend Zaev for his courage,” said Ahmeti.

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