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Kambovski: A strong expert body to review the laws on Judiciary

The formation of highly expert body in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and the courts, will review the various laws relating to the Judiciary proposed the President of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MASA), Vlado Kambovski at today's scientific and professional debate dedicated to a independent Judiciary. Mr Kambovski pointed out that the issue of Judicial independence...

Ahmeti: Brussels to assign a political and expert team to the country

Today at the Embassy of Germany in Skopje, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti met with the delegation of the Parliamentary Group for Cooperation in Southeast Europe at the Bundestag led by MP Peter Weiss and with Ambassador Christine Althauzer. At the meeting, Ahmeti also noted that "the place of SDSM is in the Assembly, where they find a partner in DUI"...