Albanian portal Balkan Web publishes older interview with Ali Ahmeti and presents it as current


Albanian web portal Balkanweb has recently published an article with a short video of an interview with DUI’s party leader Ali Ahmeti that was conducted by TV 21 but without providing any information or explanation that it’s an older interview made 2 years ago (December 2017). Apparently, the article contains a post by Vice Prime Minister Bujar Osmani who published a part of an older TV show broadcasted by TV 21 with a comment: Such a big leader”. But in BalkanWeb’s article, the aforementioned video is presented as current i.e. as if the interview with Ahmeti was done recently.

As a reminder, in that interview, Ahmeti spoke about the division in the Albanian electorate and truly acts nervously when he is explaining about the division among the Albanian parties. But, also, it has to be stated that the interview was done in a different time period and context – after local elections in 2017 but accidentally or not, BalkanWeb is considering it as a fresh interview.

On TV 21’s Youtube channel, we didn’t manage to find the whole interview with Ahmeti for the Klik Plus show, but the short material published on the 26th of December 2017 can be found.

The reuse of older video materials and news can be done for various reasons. For eg., if a certain event is actualized, if there are new moments related to that subject, so it is necessary for the readers to be reminded of what has happened in the past. Only then it is stressed that older material is used and the time of publishing is indicated since otherwise, it leaves space for confusion especially among the readers outside of the state that is not up to date with the events in our country.

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