Трамвајот физички одвоен на посебна траса во полскиот град Краков

When asked about the pollution in Skopje by Dragan Danev of VMRO-DPMNE, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev informed today at the Parliament that the government will participate in the building of electric tramways in Skopje.

The first tramway line in the capital city would cost around 100 million euros.

-The Government’s intention is to take a credit line in 2020, and to start the procedure now in order to be able to finish the tender by the and of the winter period – said Prime Minister Zaev.

The prime minister also replied that he hopes for cooperation with the Belgian company “Van Hall” in the building of the tramway line in Skopje who already has its own production line in the Bunardzik industrial area.

Since this spring, „Meta.mk has published that a company for public transportation ZET from Zagreb has prepared the conceptual design. There are three variants for a tramway line from Novo Lisice to Gjorce Petrov.

The mayor of Skopje Petre Shilegov already announced that the city of Skopje is prepared to start the tender procedure for the building of the tramway line, but stressed that for its building an assistance from the government will be necessary for the securing of the assets.

-The city is prepared also in a technical sense for the preparation of the tender documentation in order for this process to start 0 said Mayor Shilegov on the 25th of September.