As of today, in Macedonia there are 342 infected persons with coronavirus, and there are 30 newly infected, informed the Health Minister Venko Filipche. He said that all of the data related to the sickness, along with the measures and recommendations can be read at

-The Clinic of Infectious Diseases has 64 hospitalized patients, out of which 6 are newly received. 8 of them have a more difficult condition. There are patients with a good condition and if they are tested negative they will be discharged. One of the newly infected is a psychiatrist from the psychiatrist hospital in Demir Hisar. He is an asymptomatic case and was in contact with his colleagues. Measures have been taken including the other employees and they were recommended to self isolate – said the minister.

He said that Macedonia will be taking part in the Europe’s solidarity fund and that Netherlands has donated a corona diagnosis cabinet and tests for 2.000 patients.