The mobile military hospital will be put into use starting from next week. This facility with additional 130 beds is situated close to the Clinic for Infectuous Diseases in Skopje. The Health Minister, Venko Filipche, the Defense Minister Radmila Shekjerinska and the Mayor of Skopje Petre Shilegov visited this location today.

-Here is the center of the expertise, the infection medicine specialists, nurses, including the reserve team from other clinics that is rotating as a support at the Clinic and the employees with their work schedule – said Filipche.

The Defense Minister Radmila Shekjerinska stressed that the complete equipping of the hospital has began.

The Mayor Petre Shilegov stressed that he is proud of the joint effort by the City of Skopje’s employees, the Ministry of Health and the army who all worked diligently in order to clear out the space and to set the mobile hospital.