On Saturday the Tetovo branch of Besa will elect a leader, Skopje yesterday chose Gashi


The branch of the current President of the Besa Movement, Bilal Kasami, announced that the party will hold its first party congress on February the 24th. However, yesterday, the Skopje branch held a congress and Afrim Gashi was elected president.

Abdus Demiri, announcing the congress at today’s press conference at Skopje’s headquarters, said they would not comment on “other parties and groups” gatherings.

He said that anyone who wants to run for the president of Besa should collect at least a tenth of the total number of delegates registered for the congress on February the 24th.

The Skopje branch of the Besa Movement’s yesterday chose Afrim Gashi as their new president. Out of a total of 575 delegates, 522 voted for him at the congress in Tetovo.

Both the Skopje and Tetovo branch of Besa say they are waiting for a court decision regarding which group will keep the name, logo and press of the party.

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