Regarding the International day of persons with disabilities, President Stevo Pendarovski visited today the State school for rehabilitation of children and youth with visual impairments “Dimitar Vlahov” informed the presidential cabinet.

Stressing that the disabilities should be a basis for similarities between people instead of difference, President Pendarovski said that today we should be talking about the obstacles that exist in the society and not about the obstacles among the people

-I shall mention the wheelchair access, the roads for visually impaired persons, literature using Braille Alphabet, translations for the people that are deaf and dumb. It is true that there is advancement and that many institutions and organizations are removing these obstacles, but as a state there is a long road and a lot of work ahead of us – stressed President Pendarovski.

He said that there is a much more serious problem that still exists and these are the old prejudices and stereotypes.

-Each attempt for discrimination of persons with disabilities is disrupting the inner dignity of a human personality. This International day is a reminder of our obligation as humans to take care of your rights and freedoms to make decisions concerning your lives – stressed President Pendarovski.

As part of today’s event “With games achieving friendship” and regarding the celebration of 3rd of December, the International day for persons with disabilities, the State School for rehabilitation for children with visual impairments was a host to a chess contest.

As part of the visit to the Dimitar Vlahov school visit, President Pendarovski visited the school’s new building and got acquainted with the school’s ways.