The civic initiatives united under the banner of “Green Revolution” in a reply to the invitation sent by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev for a meeting in the aftermath of the past Friday’s massive protest against the air pollution, on the 29th of November stated that in this moment the only available space for meetings with government representatives is available only if the Government shows a will to cooperate with the citizens.

In order to show that it has heard the voice of the citizens that was expressed during the Friday’s march, as a pre-condition for a meeting with the representatives of the united Eco-civic initiative, the associations that organized the march demanded that the government should urgently meet several requests that were stated in the so-called “Green Book”. These will not take long because they directly depend on the prime minister and the members of the government – state the activists.

“Meet these initial request and we can organize meetings for others as well. Vardarishte landfill will be a great location for the first meeting, together with you, your ministers and advisers, live and with the presence of media to see the conditions, the landfill and the problems that you constantly see in our requests but you haven’t seen them on the field” stated the 29 environmental associations which along with Fridays for future – Skopje were co-organizers of the Friday’s protest.