Bulgaria wants to watch over Macedonian skies along with Greece

Bulgaria wants to watch over the North Macedonia’s skies on a rotation with Greece stated the Bulgarian President Rumen Radev today, informs the Bulgarian news page “mediapool.bg“.

he said that he has had meetings with the prime ministers of both countries, Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Zoran Zaev at the NATO summit in London during which they spoke about defining the parameters of this mission in order for Bulgaria to take part in on a rotary principle.

Bulgaria addressed the issue of the participating in such a mission but only on paper since very little steps were made in that direction. Prime Minister Bojko Borisov said that his new F-16 jet planes could protect the Macedonian skies. The Vice Prime Minister and Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov has also been active regarding Macedonia but he has directed his efforts towards criticizing the local historians, informs mediapool.bg.

-Bulgaria must not miss this historical opportunity to protect the North Macedonia’s air space. While we were postponing the talks with North Macedonia about this subject of “having a bright future” and as soon as we acquie the new planes, Greece has made an agreement for this mission. This is a situation where we can achieve this mission with our current capacities without any additional expenditures, since it can be done from the air base “Graf Ignatievo” – said Radev.

According to him, it is not only of national interest for Bulgaria but it is mostly ” a debt towards brotherly Macedonia and it will an expression of our political maturity and ally responsibility.”

Several months ago, Prime Minister Bojko Borisov said that he has made a deal with his” colleague Zoran Zaev that as soon as they acquire the new jet fighter planes, they can watch over Macedonia’s air space.”

-This way or another, these planes cannot make a turn from this proximity and they pass over North Macedonia” said Borisov.