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Macedonian president Pendarovski addressed the persons with disabilities “I shall be your voice wherever it is necessary”

Regarding the International day of persons with disabilities, President Stevo Pendarovski visited today the State school for rehabilitation of children and youth with visual impairments "Dimitar Vlahov" informed the presidential cabinet. Stressing that the disabilities should be a basis for similarities between people instead of difference, President Pendarovski said that today we should be talking about the obstacles that...

Macedonian flag bore the title of most beautiful flag

With 13,190 votes, Macedonian flag won first place on the competition for the best flag in the world, which was organized by the Canadian newspaper "Province". 64 flags participated in the three-week competition, for which the vote was done online. Macedonian flag entered the quarter-finals, when the mass voting in support of the Macedonian national symbol began. Macedonian flag beat...