The executors collected 114 million this year


Seven billion denars, or about 114 million euros, were collected by the executors in the past nine months, said the president of the Chamber of Enforcement Agents, Zoran Petreski, at yesterday’s presentation of the annual report.

According to him, this year were collected less money in comparison to the previous 2013. Most debtors are individuals (85,538 people), then companies (17,559) and state bodies (3,505).

One of the biggest debtors on the list of state firms is “Makedonija pat.”

According to the figures in the report, most money was collected from businesses, i.e. about 3.5 billion denars, 860 million denars from citizens, and 130 million denars from the state.

Of the total collection amount, most funds by regions are collected in the area of Skopje, and the worst was the collection in the eastern part of the country, i.e. in the cities Kochani, Berovo Vinica and Delchevo.

Representatives of the Chamber of Enforcement Agents say that in Macedonia there is a total of 99 executors, which, according to them, is too much.

The law provides Macedonia to have 135 executors.

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