Today at noon, over 1,500 Bitola citizens began the second protest, organized by the association “Bitola wants clean air,” reported the correspondent of META from Bitola.

Accompanied by the sound of drums and a few constant whistles, the march started in front of the plateau at the former Officer’s Home, through Shirok sokak to the building of the Municipality.

With banners reading “Air is a right, air is life”, “We can do this the easy or the hard way” and “Money Kills”, the protest included citizens of all ages, as well as children and pregnant women.

– We demand the measuring station in Bitola to be repaired and put into operation, a register of pollutants to be prepared and the proper inspections to react when certain subjects pollute and break the law. We gathered for the second time because, until now, the local self-government has done nothing to improve the condition – said Goran Pinza, activist of the Association.

Representatives of the Association were received by Mayor Vladimir Taleski, who stressed that the Municipality of Bitola will meet all possible requirements, because clean air is a common interest.

The Association already purchased a mobile measuring station which will measure pollution in Bitola in the next 14 days. The results will be analyzed in licensed laboratory in Serbia, and then they will be sent to the Municipality of Bitola and the Ministry of Environment.