Фото: Сашо Спасоски

The State Electoral Commission (SEC) plans to spend 571.500.000 denars (9.292.683 euros) for the forthcoming parliamentary elections. Most of these funds or around 400 million denars (6.504.065 euros), are planned to be spent on financing the parties’ media campaigns that will be taking part in the parliamentary elections.

-For this purpose, around 3.800.000 euros were spent during the presidential elections. At the moment, the budget has a sum of 223 million denars for this purpose but there are other items and it will amount to 400 million denars. I think there might be a need for additions to this item – said SEC’s president Oliver Derkovski during today’s session of the Committee which adopted the Plan for Public Procurements that also encompasses the Committee’s regular operations and the realization of electoral activities.