Peter Vanhoutte: This is not a war, parties have to make a compromise

In the afternoon Belgian facilitator Peter Vanhoutte while negotiations were still ongoing, on the issue of electoral legislation, he told the parties that they have to compromise.

“The parties must realize that you can not get everything. In the real world, when you compromise you have to give up certain things in order to get something in return. You can not get or have everything, and I want all parties to understand this. You can not win at everything. It’s not like war or chess when you play, you either win or you lose. There is always something in between. I want people to reach a compromise and find the best solution. It takes us at the moment – said Hoyt TV “Art.”

The Belgian facilitator said that political parties are still trying to reach an agreement over the Diaspora vote for deciding the SEC.

“For the most part, the electoral law already has an agreement, but a few remain, including the vote of the Diaspora, which roughly has a contract. The other point is the decision of the SEC, which is a very important body responsible for organizing the elections. We proposed to go as a kind of consultative mechanism, rather than block progress on decision-making in the SEC. We proposed a clear solution, where first consult before making a decision. However, the administration will have a very important role and I think it should be acceptable to all parties, but now we have to wait as the parties will agree in the coming hours”, said Peter Vanhoutte.

The European Commission and the European for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement, Johannes Hahn, today expressed concern about the constant missing of deadlines and also urged all parties to compromise in the interest of the state.