From the beginning of the following school year, on 1st of September, the teachers that do not own computers will use the school machines that are now in the Informatics classrooms, for teaching. They will be distributed in each classroom to allow for normal teaching, says Elizabeta Naumovska, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of North Macedonia for, after our queries about the teaching system that will be used in the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While waiting for the decision of the Infectious Diseases Commission, which should recommend the best way to organize the teaching process – whether strictly online or classroom only, or a combination of the two, it is clear that the pupils will need computers. The Ministry of Education and Science says it will procure new items, but it will issue them to the pupils with return obligation – the experience from the previous school years shows that many of the beneficiaries illicitly sold the state-issued computers. Those computers will be mainly distributed to the pupils from socially endangered families.

Vice-minister Naumovska appealed for computer and internet-connections donations by socially responsible companies in North Macedonia.