Life became the cheapest commodity: Ten murders in seven months


The recent cases of murder, yesterday’s murder in Zletovo and the one in Kavadarci few weeks ago, by their frequency and the number of victims, indicate serious anomalies in the society.

There were murders and suicides in identical circumstances in May and July in Skopje as well. Five murders in seven months, of which, two were triple and one was double.

All of them are similar in many ways: triple murders by ex-spouses, the victims were members of the families of their wives, and the murders followed a history of domestic violence. The suspect for the murder yesterday took his own life, while the suspect in Kavadarci was detained by the police at the cemetery.

– Such cases occur to often for one to say that they are random. It is a matter of tectonic disturbances in the moral and social values, i.e. serious social pathology, where life is seen as a worthless and easy to take away – says psychologist Miroslav Pendaroski.

According to Pendaroski, it is a matter of pathology that is spreading and which has a deep background, which requires professional and comprehensive analysis.

He believes that economic conditions are just one part of the reasons.

– Values that are not coherent and do not match with our mindset are accepted. The speed of spread of information, largely for brutal violence and murders affect the senses and awaken the destructive nature of man. Combined with some internal frustration, serious consequences occur – says Pendaroski.

University professor Ognen Spasovski thinks that this is a complex issue, to which there isn’t a simple answer, but he agrees that life is not appreciated in the country.

– Our culture is among those in which human life is not appreciated very much – says Professor Spasovski.

Earlier this year, MOI said that last year the lowest number of murders in the past 25 years, i.e. 20 cases in which 22 people were killed, was registered.

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