Zhernovski on a meeting with Bailey: Political crisis to be resolved by an independent prosecutor


The first step to resolve the political crisis could be naming a person who will be an independent prosecutor in Macedonia, said Mayor of Municipality of Centar Andrej Zhernovski after the meeting with US Ambassador Jess Bailey.

– All of us, domestic and external factor, are entering a sensitive stage in which we will have to find solutions to the deep political crisis and to sit at the table and negotiate. The first step, which is very important, could be naming person who will be an independent prosecutor in Macedonia. I’m sure there is a support for such an idea, and the whole process can be observed from outside in order for the citizens to have the impression that the entire process will be honest and I am very optimistic that it is taught in this respect and that we can find a solution – said Zhernovski.

He believes that it would be good the prosecutor to be a person from abroad because he will not be able to restore confidence in the institutions.

– I understand that it will be very difficult to find such a person in our country who will cause and have the confidence of all factors, but we have to find that person, because there are such people. Not even we, as opposition, can go out with the attitude that no one is good enough. We need to get to such a man and he to have support and an open situation that he can work honestly and independently – says Zhernovski.

He added that they discussed with Ambassador Bailey Zoran Zaev’s proposal for transitional government and said that it is taught in this direction, but that it would be fair for him to give his opinion.

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