While he was explaining the proposal for the government reshuffle as a second point on today’s agenda, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev at the same time withdrew his candidacy as a Minister of Finance, but said he will be managing the ministry until a new minister is appointed.

Previously, the Anti Corruption Committee warned Zaev that both positions as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance are irreconcilable and if that happens it will have to take measures in accordance with its authorities.

During Zaev’s explanation at today’s parliamentary session, even VMRO-DPMNE’s MP Ilija Dimovski warned that according to Article 44 of the Law on the prevention of corruption and conflict of interest, one cannot hold both positions as prime minister and as minister.

As he was explaining the proposal for a government reshuffle, which he proclaimed to be the second bigger reconstruction of the current mandate, Zaev said that the new government personnel will have one ministry less.

-I don’t look upon the ministers as members of one or another party, for me what matters are their achievements. Those that hold public positions have to deliver results that will benefit the citizens – said Zaev.

When his presentation was over he said that he is prepared to answer all questions from MPs about the government reshuffle, after which VMRO-DPMNE’s coordinator Nikola Micevski headed towards Talat Xhaferri and after a brief conversation Xhaferri called for a 15 min break.