Majority of citizens gave a negative remark for the government’s work for the past two years in general including some priority areas, such as reforms and fight against corruption and crime, show the results of the new research of public opinion that was implemented by “M-Prospekt” agency from Skopje.

The poll that was carried out with a national representative specimen of 1000 examinees, with a statistical error of 3.15% and an acceptable level of trust of 95%, showed that 51.3% of the examinees do not approve the government’s work while 43.8% gave a positive mark. Also, there is a considerate difference in the opinions of the ethnic Macedonians and Albanians. 53.7% of the Albanians are approving the government’s actions while among the Macedonians the people who share the same opinion is less than 39.8%. Each third ethnic Macedonian i.e. 36.3% of the examinees do not approve the government’s work at all.

Regarding the government’s foreign policy, 454% of the examinees approve it while 51 % do not approve it. The foreign policy is more approved by ethnic Albanians (62.2%) than ethnic Macedonians (39.6%).

The government’s achievements regarding the economy and the providing new jobs also received a negative mark i.e. 56% gave negative mark while 37% gave a positive mark.

An even worse mark by the citizens is the fight against crime and corruption. 59.2% approve the government’s work regarding the fight against corruption and crime. 34.9% gave a positive mark.

The most popular ministry is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was elected by 9.5 % of the examinees as the one that does its work the best. The second most popular ministry is the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy as chosen by 7.8 %. these are followed by MoI with 5.7% and the Ministry of Economy, 5.1%.

One-quarter of the examinees (23.1%) didn’t have any opinion on this issue while 8.3% refused to provide an answer. The worst mark was given to the Ministry of Health, for which 16.8% gave a negative mark and a second on the negative list is the Ministry of Economy with 6.3%.

regarding the Special Prosecutor’s Office, 57.1% of the examinees have no trust in it, while 37.5% trust the SPO. Differentiated according to nationality, 52.6% of the ethnic Albanians trust the SPO while 32.2% of the ethnic Macedonians share this view.

The poll was carried out in the filed in the period from the 15th of May until the 7th of June.