At today’s press conference, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev announced new tapped new materials, this time dedicated to the role of DUI.

– All that Nikola Gruevski did, he could not have done without DUI. DUI officials feared tapping and were very careful, however, today will prove that their primary goal were not citizens, but power – stated Zaev.

In the first conversation that was released at today’s press conference, Bekir Asani and Ali Ahmeti talk about buying some land. Ahmeti required “it to be 1,000 euros per square meter.”

In the second conversation talk Ahmeti and Gruevski. Gruevski said there is trouble and reminds him of the agreement to be no illegal buildings. Then he explained that there were two unfinished buildings in Chair that should be demolished, but he faced resistance from “his own”. DUI called the Minister of Transport and reacted DUI’s ratings not to go down. Gruevski tells Ahmeti that he is afraid that it could come to some incidents. Ahmeti tells him that he has also spoken with Musa Xhaferi, who requested not to act (demolishing) before the New Year. Ahmeti said that nothing would be lost politically, but gained. At Gruevski’s insistence, Ahmeti says he is against illegal buildings.

Gordana Jankuloska talks with an interlocutor and says “Indians” from Chair had an item that is for demolition. She says that they are a “tribe” and that they can cause problems if their structure is demolished. Jankuloska say the building not to be demolished, but do so after the New Year.

Zaev said that the object in question in the recordings is not demolished to this day. SDSM leader showed a document from the transcript of the conversation between Ahmeti and Asani. They talk about 100,000 euros that should be given to a man from Chair, and that he was associated with the director of UBK, Sasho Mijalkov.

In another audio recording of those today announced by SDSM leader, Artan Grubi talks to Ali Ahmeti for the documentation of a company from Turkey, which should be in the economic zone in Tetovo. Ahmeti says it does not matter which company is concerned, only to carry it out. Grubi tells him that there must be investments in the zone in Tetovo because journalist Muhamed Zeqiri from “Alsat” was telling them that the zone failed. Ahmeti and Grubi discuss whether the company is Norwegian or Turkish. Ahmeti says it does not matter where it is from, just that the job needs to be done.

In the following conversation, Grubi tells him that the firm from Norway dropped out of the bidding race and that the Turks won. He tells him that the Norwegian company didn’t have enough documents.

Following the conversations, Zaev said that although it lacked documents, the company from Norway was the one which began construction in the zone in Tetovo.

Musa Xhaferi and Ali Ahmeti talk about how the government is functioning. They talk about a minister who, as they say, is too burdened. Ahmeti says he did not want them to be humiliated. They talk about portfolios and whether they are satisfied with them. Ahmeti said that the program should be implemented and that, if it is done, it would be good. They talk about to have gotten the worst ministries. Ahmeti tells him that they were wrong when they took the Ministry of Defense. They also talk about that they wanted the Ministry of Justice, but when they got it, they began saying that it is no good. Ahmeti tells him that “Breza wants one good position.” They talk about managerial positions and the new distribution.

Tahir Hani talks to Ali Ahmeti about Mile Janakieski. Hani tells him that Janakieski doesn’t take equal representation into account. He says that they can count on only 15 million denars of the budget. He also tells him that the project Tetovo – Prizren is completely excluded from the program. Hani tells him that the project for the road is denied for only three million euros.

Xhevad Ademi talks to Ali Ahmeti about engaging vice-rectors and professors at the University of Tetovo. Ademi tells him that professors were illegally appointed and that they fired a wife of their official. He says that they want to rid SUT from DUI.

Artan Grubi talks to Ahmeti about Bujar Osmani because he was threatened in the Municipality of Chair because of the ambitions for local elections. Grubi tells him that they had been sending PRO inspectors to his friends.

Xhaferi talks to Besimi about the trip to America, where he met with Boris Tadik.

Xhaferi and Ahmeti talk about Struga Mayor Ramiz Merko. Xhaferi tells him that Merko is a “monkey” because he didn’t gather the council.

Zaev said he would publish other materials for DUI until a government that would prepare fair and democratic elections is not formed.

Regarding the protest of “Besa,” he said he supports it like any other protest against the government.

Zaev said that the talks between the leaders should be guided by principles.

– There should be elections after which we will all congratulate to each other. That’s why we should work with principles. The democratic values must be returned in institutions in order to have free will for the elections. Voter lists must be purged for all of us to believe in it. We should talk about constituencies … All this we argue is related to dates. If this is clearly specified and there are guarantees for it, an agreement can be reached. Now is the time to make steps in favor of the Republic of Macedonia – stated Zaev.

He said he gave them 10 days to reach a solution, and afterwards they will use all democratic mechanisms to solve the situation.