Zaev: Gruevski admits complete defeat on all his economic policies


Nikola Gruevski has officially admitted complete defeat of all his policies in the last ten years. His wasteful and improper policies without economic concept or vision of the country’s development, has left the state having to borrow money to provide salaries, pensions and welfare assistance, said SDSM leader Zoran Zaev at a press conference, making great accusations about the current Prime Minister, Nikola Greuvski.
Zaev said that with this step everything falls into water, Gruevski’s virtual world of fake economic successes throughout the years, he had created these success’s through the media which were under his control, and everything expensively paid for with public money.

“The state of the economy has been bad for years and even back then it was virtual, falsely represented as the 2nd in Europe and 12th in the world. After yesterday, citizens, businesses, workers, doctors, farmers, teachers, everybody knows about the total collapse of the Prime Ministers economic policies, if you can even call them economic policies. Nikola Gruevski had led Macedonia into bankruptcy. In the past ten years the Prime Minister has spent 25 billion euros from the budget, taxpayers’ money, and has brought the country to a situation where it can not pay salaries and pensions. Where is the money citizens have being paying taxes for years and other fees. How is it that there is no money to pay salaries and pensions, but there is enough to spend 630 million euros on monuments. If there is no money to pay salaries and pensions, the Prime Minister has nothing to wait for. Unproductive spending should stop immediately, such as LED TVs for one million euros”, said Zoran Zaev, leader of the opposition SDSM.

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