We felt that we should not join the protest with the other national Television stations because officially the negotiations are still ongoing and we hope that the changes in the law will be beneficial for the media, was the answer from the Director and Chief Editor of TV “Telma”, Atanas Kirovski when asked the question why the television station is not supporting the statement of the Association of Electronic Media.
Otherwise “Telma” did not sign the joint statement from the weekend with the four other televisions with national coverage, “Alpha”, “Kanal 5”, “Sitel” and “Alsat” for what they claim, are scandalous proposals that SDSM in negotiations want legal changes in the field of media.
Pro-government media published and reported this weekend on a document that says the SDSM are proposing that their party should nominate three members to the Council of the Agency for Media. According to the media, Article 19 of the Law requires the President of the Media Agency to be elected through Parliament by the opposition.