It has become apparent that Nikola Gruevski is trying to cover up his criminal dealings with the parcels on Vodno, which are worth 17 million euro, but the public knows very well the extent of his greed, said the Vice President of SDSM Damjan Manchevski.

– From the audio evidence that SDSM released it is evident that Nikola Gruevski is in collusion with Mile Janakievski. In it both of them are agreeing in precise terms about the size of a land parcel on Vodno. The citizens heard the conversations where Gruevski and Janakievski talk about changing the Detailed Urban Plan and the General Urban Plan so that Gruevski can expand the parcel in question. He is interested in obtaining “the highest point” so that there isn’t anyone above him. He is asking for a road, walls, he is trading with other parcels- says Manchevski.

SDSM’s Vice President said that based on the evidence in the audio recordings they have submitted a request to the public prosecutor to launch criminal charges against Nikola Gruevski, Koce Trajanovski and other people who are directly involved in criminal and corruptive dealings around the parcels on Vodno. The case, said Manchevski, will be submitted to the special public prosecutor.

– The changing of the parcel’s ownership is not going to save Nikola Gruevski and his accomplices in their criminal dealings. If Nikola Gruevski should be crystal clear about this: there is no running away from his responsibility- said Manchevski.