The final conference of the project “Network of civil organizations for effective active participation” will be held on Friday in hotel “Arka” in Skopje, beginning at 9.30 am.

The project is implemented by Foundation for Internet and Society Metamorphosis, in partnership with the Macedonian Centre for European Training (MCET), and financed by the European Union through the program “Support for strengthening, sustainability and development of active civil society.”

– The results of the “Network for effective active participation” will be presented at the conference. The project clearly indicated that it is important to create tools that will be easily accessible, simple to use and will allow efficient way of NGOs and citizens in general, online or offline, to participate in decision making. But also, the project showed that most important thing for effective citizen participation is to be a real political will and commitment of the representatives of state institutions to involve citizens in these processes – says Bardhyl Jashari, executive director of Foundation Metamorphosis.

The project “Network of civil organizations for effective active participation” is designed to strengthen existing efforts of civil organizations, building their capacities and skills in using new technologies for networking and advocacy. Through a series of tools and training, local civil organizations will have improved cooperation with each other, their target groups and the citizens of the most critical levels and, vertically, with the Government.

– The main role of our organization, co-applicant of this action, referred to the preparation of materials for strengthening the capacity of civil organizations and training. On the one hand, we have developed training modules for conducted trainings “Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance – IPA II” and “Common methodology of participatory assessment, collaborative advocacy and coalition building,” but also created e-learning content as well. NEAP project developed a platform for e-learning that creates resources for helping civil participation in terms of IPA II. Content that produce MCET refer to basic notions about IPA II, its way of functioning, strategy “Europe 2020” program of the Union, but also to other interesting resources for European integration from the perspective of civil participation – says Aleksandar Kolekeski of “Macedonian Center for European Training”.

The project will identify six groups of civil organizations working on various important issues for the local community or national significance, whose technical capacity will be enhanced to enable them to act as a network, to work to improve the common agenda.

– Active citizen participation is essential for the development of democracy in a country, it is particularly important at the local level, where much of the problems citizens face every day originate. Because of this, civil organizations, as a form of civil association, must continuously work on articulating their demands to local authorities – said Damir Neziri from the association “Young European Federalists” from Kumanovo.